I am a slacker.

Wow - 5 months later and I'm just now putting up a new post. What's new? Not too much, but some big things have been in the works...

I just bought a condo in Boulder. It's purty and I'm very happy with it. The City of Boulder and some crazy mortgage company took pity on me and helped me get a condo. Congrats to them for being so bamboozled as to my net worth. Yee-haw.

I'm in a play right now at Openstage Theatre in Ft. Collins. www.openstage.com It's my favorite Oscar Wilde play, with my favorite part-- I'm Mabel in An Ideal Husband. I just got another acting job for a graduate psychology student's thesis project at CSU in Ft. Collins that pays pretty well, at least well enough that I feel like a film actor. I'll be a graduate student interviewing for a teaching assistanceship. It's really too bad they did not have any need for gay male cats, because I have a feeling Andre would have been a shoo-in. (See how I can tie in my last post from 5 months ago? - oh, so clever!) AND I will be helping a friend in Boulder film a movie. I hope to be the producer, but will Ray be sorry he ever asked me to participate? Of course! It's a great script, which Ray wrote himself, and we're coming along in the process pretty well thus far. Perhaps I shall write new posts strictly about the movie. They'll be entitled "Things you should never do while trying to film a movie." I'm sure I'll be an expert in the "oh shit" handbooks soon.

All of the above paragraphs have started with "I," so you can see I'm still vain and self-centered. I know many of you already knew that and aren't surprised. (Who's the many? No one reads this thing..)

For my birthin' day I went to the large metropolis that is Cedar Rapids to visit the pregnant Carrie and Jon. They gave me a wonderful birthday weekend while I tried my best to convince them to move to Boulder. My plan of making everyone I love move here will continue, so don't think I'll stop...

Mamooshka (my mommy) will be moving here in two months! Mover #1 is successful. Isn't that just awesome? She will live in Boulder and I will finally have some where to do my laundry! Okay - just kidding - I'm a responsible homeowner who just bought a "laundry center," so I will no longer burden my mom and will stop shipping out my laundry to her in NC.

The cats are well. Andre is still gay because he flirted with my friend Patrick yesterday. (It's actually "Pat" - but I thought I'd have to explain that he is not ambiguously asexual. At least not that I know of...) I think Dre feels more open about his gayness now.

I hear-tell that the rest of the Larocque clan are well. Cris is in complete Tile Heaven as his plans to remove all carpet from his condo and replace it with tile continues. Dale got a new jobby job working in the aviation industry on those briliant little things called Black Boxes. Del is happy as a clam in CT where he is stationed now that the naval base is not going to be closed. I'd say more, but then he'd have to kill me. Suzanne and Joe have gotten approval status for financial assistance from the VA to eventually buy a house. Sweet. I need to talk to Jesse to find out his status.

That's it! More to come, although who knows when. I am a slacker.