Mayhem. Madness. Spiritual Experience.

Mamooshka is arriving in T minus 1 day and questionably few hours. GiGi is in attendance with her (My G-ma - entitled GiGi due to her Great Grandmotherly status...) It will be a lovely day in Boulder - perfect weather.

Never question that life has a plan. My mom is proof of that - I'm so happy to know she made such a huge cross-country move in her life even though she was scared at first. She's so brave! I now know that anything (be it circumstance, decisions, changes) which seems questionable for us in the present, seems to always end up the way it should be. I learned that lesson today. Hooray fate, Hooray change, Hooray beer. (a brilliant ad campaign...)

Nonetheless, life is madness, mayhem, and random spiritual experiences.


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Blogger Lorraine said...

What is this? People are odd. Telemarketing schemes - they're everywhere!

10/18/2005 8:41 AM  

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